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The Venue of poster sessions are either Oasis, Building 8 or 7F A-building.
Symposium : D-12 : Advances in Computational Materials Science and Technology
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00Building 8, 1F Oasis
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00Coretime: 15:20-17:00
2360   D12-P26-002 Aug. 26  *D Chang LIU Graduate School of Engineering, Shizuoka University Full-Potential KKR Calculations for Lattice Distortion of Impurities in Al-based Dilute Alloys, Based on the Generalized-Gradient Approximation
2803   D12-P26-003 Aug. 26  Masahiko HIGUCHI Department of Physics, Shinshu University Current-Density Functional Theory for Spin-Singlet, Spin-Triplet and their Mixed Superconductors immersed in the Magnetic Field
2817   D12-P26-004 Aug. 26  *G Kaoru NAKAMURA Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry First-principles investigation of the Z-phase nucleation at Fe/MX (M=Nb, V, X=C, N) interface
2834   D12-P26-005 Aug. 26  *D Dipendra HAMAL Hiroshima University Relativistic tight–binding approximation method for Bloch electrons in the uniform magnetic field and its application to silicon with vacancies
3124   D12-P26-006 Aug. 26  *G Shintaro MAEKAWA Computational Science Group, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. Dipole Moment Polarizabilities from Long-Range Corrected DFT Calculations
3354   D12-P26-007 Aug. 26  *M Tatsuya MOMOI Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Mechanism of enhanced magnetization in Fe site of the Fe-N systems
3451   D12-P26-008 Aug. 26  *M Daisuke YOSHIDA Department of Physics, Yokohama National University Opposite magnetization of aluminum dimer and trimer
3528   D12-P26-009 Aug. 26  Morishige YONEDA Japan Electronics College Characters of nanoscale Fe3O4 magnetizations in computer simulations
3609   D12-P26-010 Aug. 26  Shoji ISHIBASHI Nanosystem Research Institute "RICS", AIST,JST-CREST Understanding of ferroelectricity by means of effective charges and maximally-localized Wannier orbitals
3640   D12-P26-011 Aug. 26  SHUN MIYAUE School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan Theoretical Study of Chalcopyrite CuInTe2 as Thermoelectric materials
3938   D12-P26-012 Aug. 26  Truong DUY Research Center for Simulation Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST),Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo Development of Neural Network Potentials for Intermetallic Compounds
3940   D12-P26-013 Aug. 26  Takashi MIYAKE Nanosystem Research Institute (NRI) 'RICS', AIST, 1-1-1 Umezono, Tsukuba 305-8568 Second-order Perturbation Formula for Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy using Orbital Angular Momentum Matrix