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The Venue of poster sessions are either Oasis, Building 8 or 7F A-building.
Symposium : C-9 : Recent Advances in Superconductivity - Materials, Processing, and Applications
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00A-Building, 7F
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00Core time: 15:20-17:00
Chair : Masayoshi INOUE, Kyushu University  
2839   C9-P26-001 Aug. 26  *D Takeshi NISHIYAMA Kyushu University Three-dimensional analysis of BaHfO3 precipitates in GdBa2Cu3O7-y by electron tomography.
2879   C9-P26-002 Aug. 26  *M Takeshi NISHIYAMA Kyushu University Microstructural analysis of BaSnO3 pinning centers in GdBa2Cu3Oy film by pulsed laser deposition
3714   C9-P26-003 Aug. 26  *M Kenta TANAKA Graduate School of ISEE, Kyushu University In-field Critical Current Property of PLD-GdBa2Cu3O7-δ Coated Conductor Deposited on Highly Oriented IBAD Substrate
3676   C9-P26-004 Aug. 26  *M Yohei NISHIURA Kyushu University Reel-to-reel Continuous Critical Current Characterization for Winding Test of Coated Conductor
3671   C9-P26-005 Aug. 26  *M Kizuku HOSOYA Kyushu University Spatial Homogeneity of Local Critical Current Density in Iron-based Superconducting Films Based on Scanning Hall-probe Microscopy
3405   C9-P26-006 Aug. 26  Xifeng PAN Western Superconducting Technologies Co. Ltd. Fabrication and superconducting properties of rod-in-tube multi-filamentary Nb3Al round wires with rapid heating and quenching heat-treatment
3493   C9-P26-007 Aug. 26  *M Masato KAMIHIGOSHI Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Clarifications of Performance Limiting Factors in MgB2 Wires by the Combination of Magnetic Microscopy and Microstructure Observation