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The Venue of poster sessions are either Oasis, Building 8 or 7F A-building.
Symposium : C-10 : Advanced Ferroic Materials: Processing, Characterization and Device Application
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00A-Building, 7F
Aug. 2615:20 - 17:00Core time: 15:20-17:00
2727   C10-P26-001 Aug. 26  *M Yasunao SAKAMOTO University of Yamanashi Preparation of Insulator/Conductor Composite Ceramics by Solvothermal Method and Their Dielectric Properties
2655   C10-P26-002 Aug. 26  *M Haruki MARUYAMA University of Yamanashi Preparation of DC-bias-free (Ba,Sr)TiO3-Bi(Mg,Ti)O3-NaNbO3 System Dielectric Ceramics and Their Dielectric Properties
3691   C10-P26-003 Aug. 26  *M Tomohisa UCHIDA Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Photovoltaic Effects of BiFeO3 Thin Films Grown on SrTiO3 Substrates with Various Orientation
3570   C10-P26-004 Aug. 26  Hironori FUJISAWA Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Size dependence of ferroelectric polarization and piezoelectric coefficient in PbTiO3 nanoislands
3690   C10-P26-005 Aug. 26  *M Itaru KOKADO Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Fabrication of Ferroelectric Nanowire Capacitors by MOCVD
3153   C10-P26-006 Aug. 26  Tohru HIGUCHI Tokyo University of Science Structural and Electrical Properties of BaPrO3-d Thin Film
3462   C10-P26-007 Aug. 26  Naohisa TAKESUE Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science, Fukuoka University Local Ionic Arrangements of Relaxors
2481   C10-P26-008 Aug. 26  Yasuhiro YONEDA Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Local Structure Analysis of BaTiO3 modulated by Mn substitution
2483   C10-P26-009 Aug. 26  Yoshinobu HIROSE University of Yamanashi Preparation of Nano-Structured BaTiO3 Ceramics by Low-Temperature Chemical Reaction Sintering Method
2484   C10-P26-010 Aug. 26  *M Seiya AMANO University of Yamanashi Optimization of Solvothermal Conditions for Preparation of BaTiO3 Nanocubes with Narrow Size Distribution
2502   C10-P26-011 Aug. 26  *M EIGO KOBAYASHI University of yamanashi Fabrication and Piezoelectric Properties of (111)-oriented BaTiO3 Ceramics with Fine Grains by an Electrophoretic Deposition in a High Magnetic Field
2407   C10-P26-012 Aug. 26  *M Shun ENDO Tokyo University of Science High-Power Piezoelectric Characteristics of Textured (Sr0.7Ca0.3)2Bi4Ti5O18 and Bi4Ti3O12-SrBi4Ti4O15 Ceramics
2760   C10-P26-013 Aug. 26  *M Ryo IIZUKA University of Yamanashi Large Electric Strain for BaTiO3-Bi(Mg0.5Ti0.5)O3-BiFeO3 System Piezoelectric Ceramics with Pseudo Cubic Perovskite Structure
3550   C10-P26-014 Aug. 26  Hajime NAGATA Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science (Bi1/2K1/2)TiO3-based Multilayer Ceramics Actuators and Their Electrical Properties
2759   C10-P26-015 Aug. 26  *M Yuichi ENDO University of Yamanashi Preparation of Ferroelectric Ceramics with Multi-Layered Structure by Solvothermal Method for Introduction of Internal Electric Field
2616   C10-P26-016 Aug. 26  Min-Soo KIM Battery Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Effect of NN Template Size on Piezoelectric Properties of Textured NKLNT Ceramics
2650   C10-P26-017 Aug. 26  *M Kazuki FUKASAWA University of Yamanashi Preparation and Ferroelectric Properties of Porous KNbO3 by Solvothermal Method
2651   C10-P26-018 Aug. 26  *M Kenta OHSHIMA University of Yamanashi Preparation and Size Control of Sodium Niobate Nanocubes at Various Solvothermal Conditions
2793   C10-P26-019 Aug. 26  *M Hideto KAWASHIMA University of Yamanashi Hydrothermal Synthesis of Barium Titanate / Potassium Niobate Nanocomplex Ceramics
2374   C10-P26-020 Aug. 26  *M Shinya SOMENO Tokyo University of Science Temperature Dependence of High-Power Piezoelectric Properties for (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-based Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics.
2388   C10-P26-021 Aug. 26  *M Genta NISHIO Tokyo University of Science Fabrication of (K0.5Bi0.5)Bi4Ti4O15 Based Ceramics and Their Piezoelectric Properties
2752   C10-P26-022 Aug. 26  *D AJEET KUMAR Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad-500058,University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad-500046 Preparation of La modified PZT electroceramics for transducer applications using novel synthesis techniques: A detailed study on the improvement in microstructural, thermal and electrical properties
Aug. 2818:00 - 20:00A-Building, 7F
Aug. 2818:00 - 20:00Core time: 18:00-20:00
2595   C10-P28-001 Aug. 28  Takashi NISHIDA Fukuoka University Fabrication and Analysis of Microwave Tunable Device using BST Thin Films on Sapphire
3190   C10-P28-002 Aug. 28  Yuta TOMINAGA Fukuoka University Fabrication of BST Tunable Capacitor on Sapphire and Evaluation of Defect Properties
2943   C10-P28-003 Aug. 28  Masaki YAMAGUCHI Shibaura Institute of Technology Fabrication of Ferroelectric Microstructures by Proton Beam Writing
3191   C10-P28-004 Aug. 28  Yuta TOMINAGA Fukuoka University Growth of Ferroelectric and Conductive Atomically Flat Layer on Sapphire Substrate for Nanosize Measurement of Ferroelectric Nanocrystal
3215   C10-P28-005 Aug. 28  Hui SHEN School of Materials Science and Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai, P.R. China Unique spin reorientation process of canted ferromagnetic orthoferrite