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The Venue of poster sessions are either Oasis, Building 8 or 7F A-building.
Symposium : A-10 : Environmental Friendly Carbon Films and their Deposition Technology
Entry No Presentation Date Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2818:00 - 20:00A-Building, 7F
Aug. 2818:00 - 20:00Core time: 18:00-19:30
Chair : Naoto OHTAKE, Tokyo Institute of Technology  
2236   A10-P28-001 Aug. 28  Haruhiko ITO Department of Chemistry, Nagaoka University of Technology Laser-Induced Fluorescence Measurements on the Microwave-Plasma Flow Producing Amorphous Carbon Nitrides with High [N]/([N]+[C]) Ratios
2283   A10-P28-002 Aug. 28  Hiroki AKASAKA Tokyo Institute of Technology Evaluation of Etching using SPR phenomenon on Diamond-like Carbon Films
2518   A10-P28-003 Aug. 28  *M Haruna TADA Tokyo Denki University Optical investigation of DLC film property for cell adhesion
3476   A10-P28-004 Aug. 28  Tsuguyori OHANA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Evaluation of Adhesion Properties of Diamond-like Carbon Films by Friction Test
3614   A10-P28-005 Aug. 28  *M Kengo KIDENA Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, University of Hyogo Atomic Oxygen Beam Irradiation Effect on the Si-doped DLC Film
3729   A10-P28-006 Aug. 28  Keisuke YOSHIDA Department of Electronics & Computer Science College of Science & Technology, Nihon University The Dependence of a Diameter of the Chiral-Controlled Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube on the Irradiated Free Electron Laser Wavelength during Growth