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Symposium : D-6 : Novel Functionalities by Cooperative Excitations
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2513:30 - 15:00Room A605, A-Building
Chair : Yuzo Shinozuka, Wakayama University, Japan  
2049   Invited   D6-I25-001 Aug. 25 13:30 14:00 Hidemi SHIGEKAWA University of Tsukuba Nanoscale probing of transient carrier dynamics by femtosecond time-resolved STM
2083   Invited   D6-I25-002 Aug. 25 14:00 14:30 Hidehiro YASUDA Osaka University Electron-Irradiation-Induced Nanomaterials Modification by In Situ TEM
2723     D6-O25-003 Aug. 25 14:30 14:45 *D Shinnosuke HATTORI Graduate school of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University Nonadiabatic simulation to study the photoexcited phase change in Ge2Sb2Te5
3643     D6-O25-004 Aug. 25 14:45 15:00 Toru TSUJIBAYASHI Department of Physics, Osaka Dental University Photo-induced valence change of the L-cysteine/Ag grown in the aqueous solution
Aug. 2515:20 - 16:30Room A605, A-Building
Chair : Ichiro Akai, Kumamto University, Japan Junpei Azuma, Saga University, Japan  
2413   Keynote   D6-K25-005 Aug. 25 15:20 16:00 David SNOKE University of Pittsburgh Persistent Current of a Polariton Superfluid in a Ring Trap
3119     D6-O25-006 Aug. 25 16:00 16:15 Kensuke MIYAJIMA Department of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Science, Tokyo University of Science Size-Dependent Energy and Relaxation Process of Biexcitons Confined in CuCl Quantum Dots
2625     D6-O25-007 Aug. 25 16:15 16:30 Kazunori IWAMITSU Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University,Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University Two-Dimensional Compressive Stress Effect in Cu2O Thin Films Sandwiched by MgO Plates for Accumulating The Yellow Excitons
Aug. 2516:30 - 18:00Room A605, A-Building
Chair : Junpei Azuma, Saga University, Japan  
2630     D6-O25-008 Aug. 25 16:30 16:45 Shingo AIHARA Graduate School of Science & Technology, Kumamoto University Photoluminescence Spectra and Thermodynamics of Trapped Yellow-Excitons in Cu2O Thin Films under Biaxial Compressive Stresses
3092   Invited   D6-I25-009 Aug. 25 16:45 17:15 Hideharu NIWA Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo In situ/operando soft X-ray emission spectroscopy, a new tool for chemical analysis of carbon-based fuel cell catalysts
2653   Invited   D6-I25-010 Aug. 25 17:15 17:45 Shin-ichi ADACHI Photon Factory, KEK Capturing structural dynamics of materials by picosecond X-ray pulses
2861     D6-O25-011 Aug. 25 17:45 18:00 Masaki OURA RIKEN SPring-8 Center Study of electron dynamics by means of time-resolved hard x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy