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Symposium : D-4 : Fabrication of Thin Films
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Aug. 269:00 - 10:15Room 812, Building 8
Chair : Akira IZUMI, Kyushu Institute of Technology  
2738     D4-O26-001 Aug. 26 09:15 09:30 Sampyady DHARMAPRAKASH Department of Physics, Mangalore University Structural and Optical Properties of Electron Irradiated ZnO and Al:ZnO Films
3262     D4-O26-003 Aug. 26 09:30 09:45 *M Kenta YAMAGISHI Graduate School of Natural Science & Technology, Kanazawa University Evaluation of resistance switching properties for BiFeO3 film capacitors using high-speed PUND measurement
2373     D4-O26-004 Aug. 26 09:45 10:00 Xianfeng CHEN Design & Development Division, RICOH Company, LTD. Fabrication of Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3 films by laser annealing method
Aug. 2613:30 - 15:00Room 812
Chair : Makoto KASU, Saga University  
2023   Invited   D4-I26-005 Aug. 26 13:30 14:00 Hitoshi HABUKA Dept. Chem. Energy Eng., Yokohama National University Langasite Crystal Microbalance for In-Situ Monitor of Chemical Vapor Deposition
2329     D4-O26-006 Aug. 26 14:00 14:15 Akira HEYA University of Hyogo Formation of Pentacene-Based Thin Films by Hot Mesh Deposition
2701     D4-O26-007 Aug. 26 14:15 14:30 *G Ina RIANASARI New York University Abu Dhabi Novel Fabrication of porous Inorganic Scaffold by Supercritical CO2 Assisted Nebulization Technique
2695     D4-O26-008 Aug. 26 14:30 14:45 *G Changhwan CHOI Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University Kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) Thin Film Preparation using Sputtering Single Target and H2S Sulfurization Process
2271     D4-O26-009 Aug. 26 14:45 15:00 Moniruzzaman SYED 1Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Lemoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN38126, USA Structural Properties of Gold Thin Films Deposited on Technologically Important Substrates by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Aug. 279:00 - 10:15Room 812
Chair : Akira HEYA, University of Hyogo  
2682     D4-O27-001 Aug. 27 09:00 09:15 *B Seong Noh LEE Department of Physics, Kookmin University A study on fabrication of magnetostriction multilayered thin films for improving magnetocapacitance.
2163     D4-O27-002 Aug. 27 09:15 09:30 *M Masahiro YANAGIHARA Nagoya Institute of Technology Basic luminescence and radiation response properties of Ce3+:LiCaAlF6 thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
3713     D4-O27-003 Aug. 27 09:30 09:45 *M Daisuke KODERA Toyota Technical Institute In situ X-ray diffraction study of strain relaxation process of lattice-mismatched InGaAs / GaAs
3397     D4-O27-004 Aug. 27 09:45 10:00 *M Srinivasa Rao S Pusan National University Chemical Bath Deposition of Ni Doped CoS as a High Performance Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar cell
2938     D4-O27-005 Aug. 27 10:00 10:15 Won-Oh SEO Departement of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Korea university CdS/CdTe thin films grown on defective graphene layer
Aug. 2710:30 - 12:00Room 812
Chair : Hitoshi HABUKA, Yokohama National University  
2792   Invited   D4-I27-006 Aug. 27 10:30 11:00 Makoto KASU Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Saga University Diamond Power Transistors- Present Status and Future Prospects
3370     D4-O27-007 Aug. 27 11:00 11:15 *D Yusuke USHIRO A Division of Materials Science and Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo Intermittent Observation on Fracture Behavior of TiC Film
2490     D4-O27-008 Aug. 27 11:15 11:30 *D SHAHIRA KAMIS Tokyo Institute of Technology Tribological study of amorphous boron carbon nitride (a-BCN:H) films
2996     D4-O27-009 Aug. 27 11:30 11:45 Arenst ARIE Department of Chemical Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University Electrochemical Characteristics of C60 Coated LiCoO2 Cathodes of Lithium Ion Batteries
2101     D4-O27-010 Aug. 27 11:45 12:00 Chien-Hua HSU Department of Chemistry, Center for Nanotechnology and Biomedical Technology at Chung-Yuan Christian University (CYCU) Synthesis, Characteristic and Property Studies of Electroactive Polyurethane Elastomer Membrance based on Amine-capped Aniline Trimer.