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Symposium : D-3 : Synthesis, Processing and Characterization of Nanoscale Functional Materials
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Aug. 2813:30 - 18:05Room A101, A-Building
Chair : Teshima Katsuya, Shinshu University  
3156   Invited   D3-I28-001 Aug. 28 13:30 13:50 Shigeki KOMINE DENSO CORPORATION Fundamental Studies and New Challenges on Advanced Cathodes for Lithium ion Rechargeable Batteries.
2188   Keynote   D3-K28-002 Aug. 28 13:50 14:30 Kiyoshi KANAMURA Tokyo Metropolitan University Construction Three Dimensional Structure for Lithium Batteries by Using Printing Technologies
Chair : Abe Hiroya, Osaka University  
3478   Invited   D3-I28-003 Aug. 28 14:30 14:50 *G Kei NISHIKAWA International Center for Young Scientists, National Inititute for Materials Science Single Particle Measurement Technique for Fundamental Study of Degradation Mechanism of Li-ion Batteries
3853     D3-O28-004 Aug. 28 14:50 15:05 Nobuyuki ZETTSU Shinshu University,JST-CREST Fabrication of Densely-Packed LiCoO2 Crystal Layers Directly onto Porous Al Substrates for Advanced LiBs
Chair : Masuda Yoshitake, AIST  
3954   Invited   D3-I28-005 Aug. 28 15:05 15:25 Tsutomu MINEGISHI Department of Chemical System Engineering, The University of Tokyo Photoelectrochemical water splitting using Chalcogenide photocathodes under simulated sunlight
2878   Invited   D3-I28-006 Aug. 28 15:25 15:45 Kazuyoshi SATO Division of Environmental Engineering Science, Gunma University Hydrothermal Growth of Tailored Oxide Nanocrystals
3385   Invited   D3-I28-007 Aug. 28 15:45 16:05 Takaaki TANIGUCHI Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University,JST, CREST Engineering Luminescent and Magnetic Properties of Graphene Oxide by Photochemical Reactions
Chair : Taniguchi Takaaki, Kumamoto University  
2003   Invited   D3-I28-008 Aug. 28 16:05 16:25 Yoshitake MASUDA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Aqueous Phase Morphology Control of Metal Oxides -ZnO, In2O3, Y2O3-
2983     D3-O28-009 Aug. 28 16:25 16:40 *M NOBUHIRO KAI Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Novel Co-Precipitation Route to Synthesize NiO-ScSZ Nanocomposite for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
2099     D3-O28-010 Aug. 28 16:40 16:55 Xiulan HU College of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing Tech University Facile Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Pt-based Nanomaterials by Plasma in Water
Chair : Zettsu Nobuyuki, Shinshu University  
3757   Invited   D3-I28-011 Aug. 28 16:55 17:15 Yo SHIMIZU National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Kansai Center) Miscibility of PCBM into a non-peripheral-type of liquid crystalline phthalocyanine semiconductor: A combination of disc- and sphere-shaped molecular semiconductors for well-organized p/n junction in OPV
2549   Invited   D3-I28-012 Aug. 28 17:15 17:35 Shusaku NAGANO Nagoya University Venture Business Laboratory Hierarchical Active Motions in Microphase Separated Nanostructure of Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Block Copolymer
3108     D3-O28-013 Aug. 28 17:35 17:50 HIroaki WAKAYAMA Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. The magnetic and electrochemical properties of periodically ordered inorganic nanohetero structures from self-assembled block copolymers
Aug. 299:00 - 10:20Room A101, A-Building
Chair : Wagata Hajime, Shinshu University  
2412   Keynote   D3-K29-001 Aug. 29 09:00 09:40 *G Paola CAPPELLARO Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering and Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Materials for Spin-based Quantum Information Processing
2011   Invited   D3-I29-002 Aug. 29 09:40 10:00 Ru-Shi LIU Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei 106,Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei 115,Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei 115 Nano Diamond-Star shape Au/Ag for Hyperthemia
3186   Invited   D3-I29-003 Aug. 29 10:00 10:20 Yasuhiko TAKEDA Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, Inc. Modification of local DOS of electrons and photons in solar cells
Aug. 2910:30 - 12:00Room A101, A-Building
Chair : Tsutomu Minegishi, Tokyo University  
3825   Invited   D3-I29-004 Aug. 29 10:30 10:50 Koichi OKAMOTO Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University Tuning of the Surface Plasmon Resonance over the DUV-NIR Range for Wider Applications
3356   Invited   D3-I29-005 Aug. 29 10:50 11:10 Naho ITAGAKI Kyushu University,JST-PRESTO Fabrication of Pseudobinary ZnO-InN Alloys with Tunable Bandgap by Low-Temperature Magnetron Sputtering
3605   Invited   D3-I29-006 Aug. 29 11:10 11:30 Takuya IIDA Nanosicence and Nanotechnology Research Center, Osaka Prefecture University Biomimetic Optical Control of Nanomaterials under Light and Fluctuations
Chair : Hayashi Fumitaka, Shinshu University  
2302     D3-O29-007 Aug. 29 11:30 11:45 *G Shingo MARUYAMA University of Maryland,Tohoku University Pulsed laser deposition of LiTi2O4 thin films and modulation of superconducting transition temperature by ionic liquid gating
2923     D3-O29-008 Aug. 29 11:45 12:00 *D Aomi ONUMA Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, Tohoku University,Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute od Technology Interface Observation of SiC Substrates and Si-Metal Flux Thin Films Using a High-Temperature High-Vacuum Laser Microscope