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Symposium : D-2 : Frontier of Nano-Materials Based on Advanced Plasma Technologies
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Aug. 2513:30 - 15:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Yasushi INOUE, Chiba Institute of Technology  
3957   Keynote   D2-K25-001 Aug. 25 13:30 14:10 Jeon G. HAN NU-SKKU Joint Institute Plasma-Nano Materials, Sungkyunkwan University Nano crystalline Film Synthesis in Magnetron Sputtering and PECVD
3557     D2-O25-002 Aug. 25 14:10 14:25 Yuichi SETSUHARA Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Low-Temperature Formation of a-IGZO Films by ICP-Enhanced Reactive Sputter Deposition
3473     D2-O25-003 Aug. 25 14:25 14:40 Jungheum YUN Korea Institute of Materials Science Direct deposition of highly transparent oxide nanoparticle arrays on polymer substrates using plasma pretreatment and deposition
2525     D2-O25-004 Aug. 25 14:40 14:55 Naho ITAGAKI Kyushu University,JST-PRESTO Crystal Growth Control of Sputter-Deposited ZnO Films by Nitrogen-Mediated Crystallization Method
Aug. 2515:15 - 16:30Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Osamu SAKAI, Kyoto University  
3481     D2-O25-005 Aug. 25 15:15 15:30 Sunghun LEE Korea Institute of Materials Science Control of physicochemical properties of polymer-oxide interface using cold plasmas
3352     D2-O25-006 Aug. 25 15:30 15:45 Yasushi INOUE Chiba Institute of Technology Characterization of Microstructured FeSi Thin Films Deposited by Glancing- angle Sputtering
3703     D2-O25-007 Aug. 25 15:45 16:00 Amutha THANGARAJA Nagoya Institute of Technology Fabrication of Nano-ripple pattern of controllable dimension at Room Temperature by Ion Irradiation method
3878   Invited   D2-I25-008 Aug. 25 16:00 16:30 Yi-Kang PU Tsinghua University Investigation of Oxidation of Poly-crystalline Aluminum by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Aug. 2516:30 - 18:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Yuichi SETSUHARA, Osaka University  
3894   Invited   D2-I25-009 Aug. 25 16:30 17:00 Alix GICQUEL LSPM - CNRS - University Paris 13 On the relationships between plasma parameters and diamond growth
3893   Invited   D2-I25-010 Aug. 25 17:00 17:30 Hiroki KONDO Nagoya University Growth mechanism and controlled synthesis of carbon nanomaterials by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
2772   Invited   D2-I25-011 Aug. 25 17:30 18:00 Osamu SAKAI Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Kyoto University Extraordinary wave media based on plasmas and metamaterials
Aug. 269:00 - 10:20Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Hiroki KONDO, Nagoya University  
3856   Invited   D2-I26-001 Aug. 26 09:00 09:30 Daisuke NAGAO Department of Chemical Engineering, Tohoku University Synthesis of highly monodisperse composite particles in wet processes and their self-assembly induced by external fields
3820   Invited   D2-I26-002 Aug. 26 09:30 10:00 Vladimir SVRCEK AIST Tsukuba Colloidal silicon-tin nanocrystals based on confined plasmas applied for quantum dots and hybrid solar cells
3486     D2-O26-003 Aug. 26 10:00 10:15 Toshiro KANEKO Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University Synthesis Mechanism of Gold-Nanoparticles Controlled by Electron Irradiation Energy in Gas-Liquid Interfacial Plasmas
Aug. 2613:30 - 16:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Toshiro KANEKO, Tohoku University  
3881   Invited   D2-I26-004 Aug. 26 13:30 14:00 Takamichi HIRATA Department of Medical Engineering, Tokyo City University, Tokyo 158-8557, Japan Cardiac Disease Treatment by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Inhalation
3484     D2-O26-005 Aug. 26 14:00 14:15 Dheerawan BOONYAWAN Plasma and Beam Physics Research Facility, Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, 50200 A Novel Antimicrobial Gauze Dressing as Water Barrier and Wound Healing
3495     D2-O26-006 Aug. 26 14:15 14:30 *G Takayuki OHTA Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University Effect of neutral oxygen radical treatment on cellular activity of budding yeast cells
3522   Invited   D2-I26-007 Aug. 26 14:30 15:00 Masahiro YOSHIMURA National Cheng Kung University Formation of Functionalized Graphene Materials by Submerged Liquid Plasma [SLP]
3680     D2-O26-008 Aug. 26 15:00 15:15 Jerome JOLIBOIS Nagoya University Effect of Carrier Gas on Graphene Synthesized from in-Liquid Plasma
3689     D2-O26-009 Aug. 26 15:15 15:30 *M Ayano NOMURA Osaka City University MALDI-TOF MS Analysis of Products via 3D Integrated Micro-solution Plasma Treatment of Methylene Blue Aqueous Solution
3095     D2-O26-010 Aug. 26 15:30 15:45 *M Yui HAYASHI School of Chemical Engineering, Nagoya University Chemical Reaction of Biomaterials in Water Induced by Discharge Plasma over Aqueous Solution
3668     D2-O26-011 Aug. 26 15:45 16:00 *D Hitoshi MUNEOKA Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo Electric breakdown model for micrometer gap discharges in fluctuating fluids near the critical point
Aug. 279:00 - 10:20Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Takayuki OHTA, Meijo University  
3090   Invited   D2-I27-001 Aug. 27 09:00 09:30 Holger KERSTEN University of Kiel, IEAP, PlasmaTechnology, Kiel, Germany Diagnostics of process plasmas for nanoparticle formation and structuring
3013   Invited   D2-I27-002 Aug. 27 09:30 10:00 Kazunori KOGA Facultyof Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Spatiotemporal Analysis of Nanoparticle Growth in Amplitude Modulated Reactive Plasmas for Understanding Interactions between Plasmas and Nanomaterials
3016     D2-O27-003 Aug. 27 10:00 10:15 *B Teppei ITO Kyushu University Raman spectroscopy of optically trapped single fine particle in plasmas
Aug. 2710:30 - 12:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Kazunori KOGA, Kyushu University  
3779   Invited   D2-I27-004 Aug. 27 10:30 11:00 Uros CVELBAR Jozef Stefan Institute Plasma synthesized nanowires and their conversions
2322   Invited   D2-I27-005 Aug. 27 11:00 11:30 SangYul LEE Center for Surface Technology and Applications, Korea Aerospace University Bimetallic Pt nanoparticles as catalysts for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
3017     D2-O27-006 Aug. 27 11:30 11:45 *M Susumu TOKO Kyushu University Hysteresis of Cluster Amount in Multi-Hollow Discharge Plasma CVD Method
2279     D2-O27-007 Aug. 27 11:45 12:00 Masaharu SHIRATANI Kyushu University Stability of nanoparticle growth processes in reactive plasmas
Aug. 289:00 - 10:20Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Giichiro UCHIDA, Osaka University  
3280   Keynote   D2-K28-001 Aug. 28 09:00 09:40 Takayuki WATANABE Kyushu University Innovative Plasma Processing from Fundamental Research of Plasma Generation
3574     D2-O28-002 Aug. 28 09:40 09:55 Min Young HUR Pusan Natuinal University Analysis of RF Plasma Torch with 2D-Dimensional Axisymmetric Thermal Plasma Simulation
3263     D2-O28-003 Aug. 28 09:55 10:10 *G Masaya SHIGETA Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Fluid-dynamic simulation of growing nanoparticle transport in plasma synthesis
Aug. 2813:30 - 15:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Jaeho KIM, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology  
3273   Invited   D2-I28-004 Aug. 28 13:30 14:00 Cheng-che HSU Dept. of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University Development and Application of Microplasma Generation Devices Fabricated on Foldable Substrates
2929   Invited   D2-I28-005 Aug. 28 14:00 14:30 Dheerawan BOONYAWAN Department of Physics&Materials, Faculty of Science,Chiang Mai University Influence of Oxygen Plasma Species on Shear Bond Strength of Heat-Cured Acrylic Resin to Denture Teeth via HMDS Layer
2998     D2-O28-006 Aug. 28 14:30 14:45 *D Thapanut SARINONT Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Evaluation of reducing sugar of plants irradiated by air dielectric barrier discharge plasmas
3524     D2-O28-007 Aug. 28 14:45 15:00 Giichiro UCHIDA Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University Temporal Behavior of Reactive Particle Production in DBD Plasma Jet
Aug. 2815:15 - 16:30Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Kenji ISHIKAWA, Nagoya University  
3716   Invited   D2-I28-008 Aug. 28 15:15 15:45 Hiroshi FURUTA Electronic and Photonics Systems Engineering, Kochi University of Technology Magnetron sputtering deposition of catalyst nano-particles for the growth control of carbon nanotubes
   Break Aug. 28 15:45 16:00
3173     D2-O28-010 Aug. 28 16:00 16:15 *M Bin XU Tohoku University Synthesis of (6,5) enriched single-walled carbon nanotubes with parameter-controlled plasma CVD process
3247     D2-O28-011 Aug. 28 16:15 16:30 *G Jaeho KIM National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology A widely-blowing microwave-excited plasma for atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanomaterials
Aug. 2816:30 - 18:00Room A717, A-Building
Chair : Masaya SHIGETA, Osaka University  
3804   Invited   D2-I28-012 Aug. 28 16:30 17:00 Hae June LEE Department of Electrical Engineering, Pusan National University Particle-in-Cell Simulations for the Control of Plasma Uniformity for Dual Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas
3504     D2-O28-013 Aug. 28 17:00 17:15 Takayuki OHTA Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University Non-contact substrate temperature measurement for the management of plasma processing using optical low-coherence interferometer
3409     D2-O28-014 Aug. 28 17:15 17:30 Kenji ISHIKAWA Nagoya University Electron spin resonance (ESR) Study of edible meat irradiated atmospherics-pressure-plasmas