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Symposium : D-1 : Innovative Material Technologies Utilizing Ion Beams
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Aug. 2513:30 - 18:00Room A716, A-Building
Chair : Hiroshi AMEKURA (NIMS)  
   Opening Remarks Aug. 25 13:30 13:35 Koumei BABA
3104   Invited   D1-I25-001 Aug. 25 13:35 14:05 Maik LANG University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN Structural Transformations Induced at Extreme Conditions: Coupling High-Pressure Cells with Energetic Ion Beams
2019     D1-O25-002 Aug. 25 14:05 14:25 Bernd RAUSCHENBACH Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification, Leipzig,University Leipzig, Institute for Experimental Physics, Leipzig Nanostructures and pattern formation on surafces by ion beam sputtering
2765     D1-O25-003 Aug. 25 14:25 14:45 *G Mitsuaki TAKEUCHI Photonics and Electronics Science and Engineering Center, Kyoto University Ion Beam Deposition/Etching by EMIM-N(CN)2 Ionic Liquid Ion Source
3281     D1-O25-004 Aug. 25 14:45 15:05 Noriaki TOYODA University of Hyogo Surface treatment of a-C surface with GCIB and floating characteristics of HDD sliders
   Break Aug. 25 15:05 15:20
Chair : Naoki KISHIMOTO (NIMS), Hiroyuki NISHIKAWA (Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)  
3950   Invited   D1-I25-005 Aug. 25 15:20 15:50 Hiroaki ABE Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University In-situ observations of microstructural evolutions in alloys and ceramics using TEM-Accelerator facilities and HVEMs
3797     D1-O25-006 Aug. 25 15:50 16:10 Hisayoshi ITOH Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) Visualization of Ion Track Using Nitrogen Vacancy Color Centers in Diamond
3272     D1-O25-007 Aug. 25 16:10 16:30 *G Pawan KULRIYA Inter-University Accelerator Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi 110067, India Evolution of the magnetic properties of Pd by intentionally creating defects using ion irradiatio
Chair : Hisayoshi ITOH (JAEA)  
2708   Invited   D1-I25-008 Aug. 25 16:30 17:00 Tetsuya YAMAKI Japan Atomic Energy Agency Nanostructured Proton-Conductive Membranes Prepared by Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation for Fuel Cell Applications
2015     D1-O25-009 Aug. 25 17:00 17:20 Cornelia NEETZEL TU Darmstadt Coated Ion Track Etched Polymers as Microporous Filtration Membranes
3182     D1-O25-010 Aug. 25 17:20 17:40 *G Makiko FUJII Quantum Science and Engineering Center, Kyoto University Highly Accurate Biological Analysis using Ar-GCIB SIMS with Chemical Assist Ionization
3313     D1-O25-011 Aug. 25 17:40 18:00 Takaaki AOKI Kyoto Univ. Molecular dynamics simulation of gas cluster impact on corner-shaped target
Aug. 2613:30 - 15:00Room A716, A-Building
Chair : Daryush ILA (Fayetteville State Univ.), Hiroshi TSUJI (Kyoto Univ.)  
2079   Invited   D1-I26-001 Aug. 26 13:30 14:00 Masakazu WASHIO Research Insitute for Science and Engineering, Waseda Univesity Modification of Fluorinated Polymers using Ion Beam Irradiation Technology
2486     D1-O26-002 Aug. 26 14:00 14:20 Hiroyuki NISHIKAWA College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technolgy Local Refractive-Index Changes in Polydimethylsiloxane Induced by Proton Beam Writing Aimed for Optical Waveguides
3096     D1-O26-003 Aug. 26 14:20 14:40 *G Yang TAN School of Physics, State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials and Key Laboratory of Particle Physics and Particle Irradiation (Ministry of Education), Shandong University Optical Nd:YAG waveguide amplifier produced by focused proton beam writing
3482     D1-O26-004 Aug. 26 14:40 15:00 *G Tsuneaki SAKURAI Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Development of Semiconducting Nanowires via Ion Beam-Triggered Intra-Track Polymerization of π-Conjugated Small Molecules
Aug. 279:00 - 12:05Room A716, A-Building
Chair : Koumei BABA (Industrial Tech. Center of Nagasaki)  
2072   Invited   D1-I27-001 Aug. 27 09:00 09:30 *G Feng REN School of Physics and Technology, Center for Ion Beam Application, Wuhan University Interactions between ion beam and nanostructures
3380     D1-O27-002 Aug. 27 09:30 09:50 Hiroshi TSUJI Dep. Electronic Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Kyoto University Titanium Dioxide Thin Film Deposition on Ag-Nanoparticles Embedded Silica Glass and Its Photocatalytic Properties
2562     D1-O27-003 Aug. 27 09:50 10:10 Sanjeev GAUTAM Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea Electronic Structure of SHI-irradiated MWCNT: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study
   Break Aug. 27 10:10 10:30
Chair : Takaaki AOKI (Kyoto Univ.)  
2779   Invited   D1-I27-004 Aug. 27 10:30 11:00 Kazuhiro YASUDA Kyushu University Structure and Accumulation of Ion Tracks in Oxide Ceramics
2168     D1-O27-005 Aug. 27 11:00 11:20 Hiro AMEKURA Nat. Inst. for Mater. Sci. (NIMS) Shape elongation of Zn nanoparticles under swift heavy ion irradiation: Scaling between different energies and ion-species
3959     D1-O27-006 Aug. 27 11:20 11:40 Daryush ILA Fayetteville State University Nucleation activation energies for nanocrystal formation of implanted Au, Ag, Cu in Suprasil
2364     D1-O27-007 Aug. 27 11:40 12:00 Subhananda CHAKRABARTI Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Effect of low energy carbon ion implantation on InAs quantum dots with different capping layers
   Closing Remarks Aug. 27 12:00 12:05 Takaaki AOKI