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Symposium : C-4 : Innovation for Highly Reliable Advanced Ceramics
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Aug. 2813:25 - 18:05Symposium C-4 (Room A716, A-Building)
Aug. 2813:25 - 18:05Innovation for Highly Reliable Advanced Ceramics
Chair : Kouichi YASUDA (Tokyo Tech.)  
   Opening Address Aug. 28 13:25 13:30 Junichi TATAMI (Yokohama N.Univ.)
Aug. 2813:30 - 15:00Synthesis I (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Byung-Koog JANG (NIMS), Atsuo YASUMORI (Tokyo Univ. Science)  
3641   Keynote   C4-K28-001 Aug. 28 13:30 14:00 Fu-Hsing LU National Chung Hsing University Hydrothermal-galvanic couple synthesis of perovskite oxide thin films on conductive nitride-coated substrates
2470   Invited   C4-I28-002 Aug. 28 14:00 14:20 Naoya ENOMOTO Kyushu University Reliability and Cautions in Sonochemical Process of Inorganic Particles
2737     C4-O28-003 Aug. 28 14:20 14:35 Minh DO Hochiminh City University of Technology Application of jute fiber to improve the surface characteristics of arc-furnace-slag-based goepolymer bricks
   Cofee Break Aug. 28 14:35 15:00
Aug. 2815:00 - 17:00Coating (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Fu-Hsing LU (National Chung Hsing Univ), Akihiko ITO (Tohoku Unive.)  
3226   Keynote   C4-K28-004 Aug. 28 15:00 15:30 WEI PAN State Key Lab of New Ceramics and Fine Processing, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing New Class of Refractory Ceramics for Thermal Barrier Coatings
3018   Invited   C4-I28-005 Aug. 28 15:30 15:50 Seongwon KIM Engineering Ceramic Center, Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology Fabrication and Characteristics of Thermal Barrier Coatings Deposited by Suspension Plasma Spray
Chair : Minh Quang DO (Hochiminh City Univ.Tech.), Naoki KONDO (AIST)  
2468   Invited   C4-I28-006 Aug. 28 15:50 16:10 Yeon-Gil JUNG School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Changwon National University, Changwon, Gyeongnam 641-773, Republic of Korea Thermal Durability of Thermal Barrier Coatings with Microstructure Design
3821   Invited   C4-I28-007 Aug. 28 16:10 16:30 Yoonsuk OH Engineering Ceramic Team, Korea Institute of Ceramic Enigeering and Technology Effect of substrate rotation and position on growth behavior of YSZ based thermal barrier coatings by electron beam evaporation method
2033   Keynote   C4-K28-008 Aug. 28 16:30 17:00 Byung-Koog JANG High Temperature Materials Unit, National Institute for Materials Science Corrosive and Thermal Properties of Y2O3-Stabilized ZrO2 Thermal Barrier Coatings
Aug. 2817:00 - 17:45Sintering (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : WEI PAN (Tsinghua Univ.), Naoya ENOMOTO (Kyushu Univ.)  
2509   Invited   C4-I28-009 Aug. 28 17:00 17:20 Akihiko ITO Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University Spark Plasma Sintering of Transparent Lutetium Oxides
3617   Invited   C4-I28-010 Aug. 28 17:20 17:40 Naoki KONDO National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Potential of silicon nitride fabricated from beta-powder
Chair : Tohru SEKINO (Osaka Univ.)  
   Session Closing Aug. 28 17:40 17:45 Fu-Hsing LU (National Chung Hsing Univ.)
Aug. 298:55 - 16:35Symposium C-4 (Room A716, A-Building)
Aug. 298:55 - 16:35Innovation for Highly Reliable Advanced Ceramics
Chair : Naoya ENOMOTO (Kyushu Univ.)  
   Session Opening Aug. 29 08:55 09:00 Hyung Tae KIM (KICET)
Aug. 299:00 - 09:40Joining and Composites (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Seongwon KIM (KICET), Hideaki SANO (Nagasaki Univ.)  
3216   Invited   C4-I29-001 Aug. 29 09:00 09:20 Mikinori HOTTA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Joining of Silicon Nitride by Local Heating for Fabrication of Long Pipes
3034   Invited   C4-I29-002 Aug. 29 09:20 09:40 Katsumi YOSHIDA Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology Mechanical Properties of SiCf/SiC Composites by Low Temperature Melt Infiltration Method Using Binary Si-Alloy
Aug. 299:40 - 10:30Synthesis II (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Yeon-Gil JUNG (Changwon N.Univ.) , Tohru SEKINO (Osaka Univ.)  
3514   Invited   C4-I29-003 Aug. 29 09:40 10:00 Yoshikazu SUZUKI Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba Pseudobrookite-type Ceramics: Synthesis, Microstructure and Applications
2875   Invited   C4-I29-004 Aug. 29 10:00 10:20 Hideaki SANO Division of Chemistry and Materials Science, Nagasaki University Preparation of β-SiAlON:Eu2+ phosphor microspheres using porous-template-assisted nitridation and solid-state reaction
   Cofee Break Aug. 29 10:20 10:30
Aug. 2910:30 - 11:00High Temperature (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Yoonsuk OH (KICET), Katsumi YOSHIDA (Tokyo Tech.)  
3098   Keynote   C4-K29-005 Aug. 29 10:30 11:00 Tetsuo UCHIKOSHI National Institute for Materials Science Improvement of high temperature stability of La0.8Sr0.2Ga0.8Mg0.2O3-δ solid electrolyte by introducing A-site deficiency
Aug. 2911:00 - 13:10Porous Ceramics (Room A716, A-Building)
Chair : Wooseok CHO (KICET), Mikinori HOTTA (AIST)  
2378   Invited   C4-I29-006 Aug. 29 11:00 11:20 Sawao HONDA Nagoya Institute of Technology Effect of microstructure on properties of porous alumina for support substrates of permselective ceramic membranes
3970   Invited   C4-I29-007 Aug. 29 11:20 11:40 Tohru SEKINO ISIR, Osaka University Direct Formation of Porous Nano-architectures on Ti-based Metal Surfaces by Solution Chemical Processing and Their Biocompatible Functions
2036     C4-O29-008 Aug. 29 11:40 11:55 Kouichi YASUDA Tokyo Institute of Technology Proposal of Categories in Fracture Behavior of Porous Ceramics
   Lunch Aug. 29 11:55 12:10
   Lunch Aug. 29 12:10 13:10
Aug. 2913:10 - 14:10 Traditional Ceramics (Room A716)
Chair : Sawao HONDA (Nagoya Tech.) Dr.Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI (AIST)  
3070   Invited   C4-I29-009 Aug. 29 13:10 13:30 Nobuaki KAMOCHI Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory Statistical Analysis of Impact Strength in Strengthened Porcelain Tableware
3888   Invited   C4-I29-010 Aug. 29 13:30 13:50 Hyung-Tae KIM Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology Color Mechanism of Celadon Glaze
3889   Invited   C4-I29-011 Aug. 29 13:50 14:10 Wooseok CHO Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology The Sources of Pore Formation in Korean Earthenware, Onggi
Aug. 2914:10 - 15:10Microscopic Fracture and Deformation I (Room A716)
Chair : Hideki KITA (Nagoya Univ), Nobuaki KAMOCHI (Saga Ceram. Res. Labo.)  
2233   Invited   C4-I29-012 Aug. 29 14:10 14:30 Takashi AKATSU Secure Materials Center, Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Transient Behavior in Nanoindentation on a Two Phase System
2179   Invited   C4-I29-013 Aug. 29 14:30 14:50 Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Correlation between Indentation Fracture Resistance and Fracture Toughness Measured by Single Edge Precracked Beam Method
   Cofee Break Aug. 29 14:50 15:10
Aug. 2915:10 - 15:55Microscopic Fracture and Deformation II (RoomA716)
Chair : Tetsuo UCHIKOSHI (NIMS), Yoshikazu SUZUKI (Univ. Tsukuba)  
2278   Keynote   C4-K29-014 Aug. 29 15:10 15:40 Atsuo YASUMORI Department of Materiials Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science Effect of Addition of Transition Metal Oxide on Mechanical Property of Soda-Lime Silica Glass
2744     C4-O29-015 Aug. 29 15:40 15:55 Junichi TATAMI Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University Measurement of Local Fracture Toughness of Glass and Ceramics Using Microcantilever Beam Specimens
Aug. 2915:55 - 16:35Application-oriented Root Technology (Room A716)
Chair : Hyung Tae KIM (KICET), Takashi AKATSU(Tokyo Tech.)  
2181     C4-O29-016 Aug. 29 15:55 16:10 Hiroyuki MIYAZAKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Comparison of flexural strength of ceramic substrates for power modules measured uniaxially and biaxially
2042   Invited   C4-I29-017 Aug. 29 16:10 16:30 Hideki KITA Nagoya University Ceramic Heat Storage Body with Core-shell Structure
   Closing Remarks Aug. 29 16:30 16:35 Kouichi YASUDA (Tokyo Tech.)