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Symposium : C-3 : Nitride and Diamond Semiconductors
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Aug. 2513:30 - 15:00Room A613, A-Building
3869   Invited   C3-I25-001 Aug. 25 13:30 14:00 *G Kazunobu KOJIMA Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Kyoto University Optical characteristics of deep ultraviolet nitride semiconductors with various crystal orientations
3758     C3-O25-002 Aug. 25 14:00 14:15 *G Tsubasa MATSUMOTO Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),JST-CREST Interface property of heavily phosphorus doped n-type diamond and graphite electrode
2637     C3-O25-003 Aug. 25 14:15 14:30 *M Takayuki HIRA Department of Electronic Science and Engineering, Kyoto University Local carrier dynamics in InGaN single quantum wells with suppressed potential inhomogeneity
2804     C3-O25-004 Aug. 25 14:30 14:45 *M Taisuke KAGEURA School of Science and engineering, Waseda University Superconductivity of Heavily Boron-doped Diamond (111) by Spherical-resonator-Micro-wave-Plasma CVD
3787     C3-O25-005 Aug. 25 14:45 15:00 *M Shunsuke OKADA Mie University Effects of thermal cleaning on surface of free-standing GaN substrates
Aug. 2515:20 - 16:20Room A613, A-Building
3442   Invited   C3-I25-006 Aug. 25 15:20 15:50 Norikazu MIZUOCHI Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University Single photon, spin and charge manipulation of diamond register
3841     C3-O25-007 Aug. 25 15:50 16:05 *M Yuya NOGUCHI Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University Optimization of the growth condition of the AlGaN layer in the AlGaN/GaN HEMT structure
3407     C3-O25-008 Aug. 25 16:05 16:20 *M Takahiro FUKUI Graduate School of University of Osaka Perfect alignment of the orientation of nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
Aug. 2516:30 - 18:30Room A613, A-Building
3064   Invited   C3-I25-009 Aug. 25 16:30 17:00 Takeyoshi ONUMA Department of Liberal Arts, Tokyo National College of Technology,Department of Information and Communications Engineering, Kogakuin University Optical properties of GaInN p-n homojunction blue-green light-emitting-diodes
3816     C3-O25-010 Aug. 25 17:00 17:15 *B Tetsuro TSUKADA Yamaguchi University Fabrication of InGaN based plasmonic LED with thin p-type layer
3814     C3-O25-011 Aug. 25 17:15 17:30 *M YASUKAZU SONE Nagoya university graduate shool or engineering Growth of (1-101) InGaN stripes on patterned (001) Si substrate
2987   Invited   C3-I25-012 Aug. 25 17:30 18:00 Toshiharu MAKINO Energy Technology Research Institute, AIST,CREST/JST, c/o AIST Diamond pin junction LED
3777     C3-O25-013 Aug. 25 18:00 18:15 *M Daiki YASUI Department of Electrical and Electronic Engneering, Mie University Study on AlN growth conditions for hydride vapor phase epitaxy
2857     C3-O25-014 Aug. 25 18:15 18:30 *M Dechen XU Waseda University, Graduate Schools of Advanced Science and Engineering Wide Temperature (10-673 K) Operation of C-H Diamond MOSFETs
Aug. 269:00 - 10:15Room A613, A-Building
3826   Invited   C3-I26-001 Aug. 26 09:00 09:30 Koichi OKAMOTO Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University Plasmonics for High-Efficiency Nitride-based Light-Emitting Devices
2876     C3-O26-002 Aug. 26 09:30 09:45 *M Yuji SESHIMO Waseda university, Graduate Schools of Advanced Science and Engineering Surface structure of (111) diamond with recovered surface conduction after heat treatment
3789   Invited   C3-I26-003 Aug. 26 09:45 10:15 *G Masataka IMURA National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) Recent progress of field effect transistors by AlN/Diamond Heterostructure
Aug. 2613:30 - 15:00Room A613, A-Building
2303   Invited   C3-I26-004 Aug. 26 13:30 14:00 *G Hideaki YAMADA AIST, Japan Current status of techniques to fabricate single-crystal diamond wafers
3767     C3-O26-005 Aug. 26 14:00 14:15 *M Ryoma HAKAMATA Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Nagoya, Japan Detailed study on AlN bulk crystal grown by sublimation
3181     C3-O26-006 Aug. 26 14:15 14:30 Ikuko AKIMOTO Department of material Science and Chemistry, Wakayama University High carrier mobility of diamond measured by cyclotron resonance
3742   Invited   C3-I26-007 Aug. 26 14:30 15:00 *G Narihito OKADA Yamaguchi University Impact of Light Extraction Efficiency on Performance of Nitride-Based Light-Emitting Diodes
Aug. 279:00 - 10:15Room A613, A-Building
3955   Invited   C3-I27-001 Aug. 27 09:00 09:30 S KRUPANIDHI Materials Research Centre, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Nonpolar III-nitride epilayers and polar nanostructures by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy for Energy Applications
2441     C3-O27-002 Aug. 27 09:30 09:45 *G Jiangwei LIU National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) HfO2 on hydrogenated-diamond for field effect transistors
2941     C3-O27-003 Aug. 27 09:45 10:00 Gwangseok YANG Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Korea University Flexible GaN light emitting diodes and high electron mobility transistors prepared by laser lift-off process
2815     C3-O27-004 Aug. 27 10:00 10:15 *M Mikinori KOBAYASHI Waseda University Fluorine-terminated thin boron-doped diamond Solution Gate FET
Aug. 2710:30 - 12:15Room A613, A-Building
2953   Invited   C3-I27-005 Aug. 27 10:30 11:00 Atsushi SUGIYAMA Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Reliable Pulsed Operation of Nitride Laser Diodes in 350nm band.
3839     C3-O27-006 Aug. 27 11:00 11:15 *B Tatsuya FUJITA Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Yamaguchi University Effect of resistivity of GaN buffer layer on performance of AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor
2846     C3-O27-007 Aug. 27 11:15 11:30 *M Tetsuya YAMADA Graduate School of Advanced Sience and Engneering, Waseda University 600 V Breakdown voltage of C-H diamond MOSFETs with thick Al2O3 gate insulator
3771     C3-O27-008 Aug. 27 11:30 11:45 *M ISHII TAKAHIRO Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Nagoya High hole concentration doping by polarization in AlGaN/GaN superlattice
3849   Invited   C3-I27-009 Aug. 27 11:45 12:15 *G Kazuyuki HIRAMA NTT Basic Research Laboratories, NTT Corporation Nitride/diamond heterostructure systems - from growth to devices -