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Symposium : B-8 : Chemical Sensing and Sensor Devices for Chemical Space Information
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Aug. 269:00 - 10:15Room A702, A-Building
Chair : Prof. Kenshi Hayashi (Kyushu University)  
2534     B8-O26-001 Aug. 26 09:00 09:15 *M Shinya MURASAKI Kyushu University, Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering Characterization of a Hydrogen Gas Sensor Using Pt-decorated Carbon Nanotubes by Electrodeposition
2556     B8-O26-002 Aug. 26 09:15 09:30 Takeshi HASHISHIN Graduate School of Science and Technology,Kumamoto University NO2 sensing properties of hydrothermally prepared WO3 particles
2684     B8-O26-003 Aug. 26 09:30 09:45 *M Shuzo TAKEICHI School of Okayama, Graduate School of Okayama University Impedance evaluation of hydrogen sensor using ultrathin platinum film
3438     B8-O26-004 Aug. 26 09:45 10:00 *G Katoch AKASH Inha University Novel Routes for Obtaining Good Sensing Abilities of Oxide Nanofibers Sensors
3440     B8-O26-005 Aug. 26 10:00 10:15 *G Sun-Woo CHOI Inha university Fabrication and Optimization of Nanowire Gas Sensors with Nanoparticles
Aug. 2613:30 - 15:00Room A702, A-Building
Chair : Prof. Kohji Mitsubayashi (Tokyo Medial and Dental University)  
3161   Invited   B8-I26-006 Aug. 26 13:30 14:00 *G Kea-Tiong TANG National Tsing Hua University A Miniature Electronic Nose Based on a Sensor Signal Processing Chip
2229     B8-O26-007 Aug. 26 14:00 14:15 *M Yuji NOZAKI Graduate shool of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology Improved Teleolfaction System using Android Tablets
2440     B8-O26-008 Aug. 26 14:15 14:30 *G Chaunjun LIU Kyushu University, Fukuoka Detection of Volatile Fatty Acids by Using MIP Coated QCM Sensor Array
2062     B8-O26-009 Aug. 26 14:30 14:45 Seung-Woo LEE The University of Kitakyushu Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensor Arrays for Human Respiration and Breath Ammonia Assessments
2818     B8-O26-010 Aug. 26 14:45 15:00 Hyung-Gi BYUN Division of Electronics, Information & Communication Eng., Kangwon National University, Korea Assessment of Malodor using an Array of Chemical Sensors and Clustering Methods
Aug. 279:00 - 10:15Room A702, A-Building
Chair : Prof. Sang Sub Kim (Inha University)  
2020     B8-O27-001 Aug. 27 09:00 09:15 *D Takashi YONEKURA Biomedical Engineering & Robotics Laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering, Iwate University Relationship between Psychosomatic Stress and Salivary Cortisol in Junior High School Students
2632     B8-O27-002 Aug. 27 09:15 09:30 *D Masato YASUURA JSPS Research Fellow,Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Sweetness Sensor for Positively Charged High Potency Sweeteners
3200     B8-O27-003 Aug. 27 09:30 09:45 *D Yuki HARADA Tokyo Institute of Technology Response prediction of an insect’s olfactory receptor neuron by using structural parameters of odorant and Self-Organizing Map (SOM)
3212     B8-O27-004 Aug. 27 09:45 10:00 Koji NAKANO Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University Self-Assembly of Vanilloid-Binging Domain in Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channels based on His-Tag Chemistry at Gold Surfaces and Guest-Molecule Responses
3506     B8-O27-005 Aug. 27 10:00 10:15 *D Po JEN CHIEN Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University A high-sensitive fiber-optic formaldehyde gas biosensor (bio-sniffer) for indoor continuous monitoring
Aug. 2710:30 - 12:15Room A702, A-Building
Chair : Prof. Hyung-Gi Byun (Kangwon National University)  
3453   Invited   B8-I27-006 Aug. 27 10:30 11:00 Hiroshi ISHIDA Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Mobile Robot Olfaction: Tracking of Spatially Distributed Chemical
3710     B8-O27-007 Aug. 27 11:00 11:15 *G Yossiri ARIYAKUL Precision and Intelligence Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology Fundamental Study of Sensor Network for Odor-source Localization Using Optimization Technique
2895     B8-O27-008 Aug. 27 11:15 11:30 *M Yeongan LEE Advanced Electronic and Energy Materials Lab, Ajou Univeristy Visual Chemochromic Effect of Pd/WO3 Thin Film For Hydrogen Gas Sensing
2642     B8-O27-009 Aug. 27 11:30 11:45 *M Takafumi HAYASE Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University Two Dimensional Electrochemical Sensor Using Layered Inorganic Films
2342     B8-O27-010 Aug. 27 11:45 12:00 Chuanjun LIU Department of Electronics, Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, Kyushu University Odor Imaging Sensors: Research and Applicatoin
3810     B8-O27-011 Aug. 27 12:00 12:15 Takahiro ARAKAWA Tokyo Medical and Dental University 2-dimensional gaseous ethanol visualization system for noninvasive analysis of alcohol metabolism from exhaled human breath
Aug. 2713:30 - 14:45Room A702, A-Building
Chair : Prof. Takamichi Nakamoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)  
3284     B8-O27-012 Aug. 27 13:30 13:45 Shigeru TOYAMA Research Institute, National Rehabilitation Center A Simple Fabrication Method of Patterned Electrodes on Polymer Films
2915     B8-O27-013 Aug. 27 13:45 14:00 Xiao WU Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Development of Taste Sensor for Education
2391     B8-O27-014 Aug. 27 14:00 14:15 *G Yuki HASEGAWA Graduate school of Science and Engineering, Saitama University Evaluating Hot Drinks by Using Taste Sensor with Inorganic Films
3294     B8-O27-015 Aug. 27 14:15 14:30 Hirotaka OKAZAKI Graduate School of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University Taste sensor for negatively charged high potency sweeteners
3546     B8-O27-016 Aug. 27 14:30 14:45 Munkhbayar MUNKHJARGAL Tokyo Medical and Dental University Biocatalysis-based chemo-mechanical actuator for autonomous drug release system for blood sugar control in Diabetes