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Symposium : B-10 : Molecular Thin Films
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Award Presenter Name Affiliation Paper Title
Aug. 2710:00 - 12:10Room A701, A-Building
Chair : Mutsuyoshi Matsumoto  
2276   Keynote   B10-K27-001 Aug. 27 10:00 10:40 Mitsumasa IWAMOTO Department of Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology Visualization of carrier motion and dielectric polarization in organic thin film by Optical second harmonic generation measurement
3373     B10-O27-002 Aug. 27 10:40 11:00 Hiroshi YAMAMOTO College of Sci. & Technol., Nihon University As-Grown CVD Synthesis of Highly Oriented and Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Thin Films
Chair : Keiichi Ikegami  
2174     B10-O27-003 Aug. 27 11:10 11:30 *G Satoshi WATANABE Department of Materials Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science Calcination-Free Nanopatterning of Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped-Nanoparticle Films on Plastic Sheets Using Micromolding in Capillaries
2607     B10-O27-004 Aug. 27 11:30 11:50 *M Takahiro KIKKAWA Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University Morphological Transition from Monolayer to Single Particle Layer of Polyguanamine with Aromatic Rings
3466     B10-O27-005 Aug. 27 11:50 12:10 Ken-ichi IIMURA Utsunomiya University Adsorbed Films of Surfactants at Water/Solid Interfaces Studied by X-ray Reflectometry and Grazing-incidence X-ray Diffractometry
Aug. 2713:30 - 16:00Room A701, A-Building
Chair : Yasuhiro F. Miura  
3353   Keynote   B10-K27-006 Aug. 27 13:30 14:10 Minghua LIU Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Supramolecular Chirality in Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Films From Achiral Amphiphiles
2674     B10-O27-007 Aug. 27 14:10 14:30 Keiichi IKEGAMI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Impedance Spectroscopy of Thin-Film Type Electroluminescence Devices Based on a Perovskite-Type Oxide Phosphor of Ca0.6Sr0.4TiO3:Pr
2984     B10-O27-008 Aug. 27 14:30 14:50 *M Yoichi SOTOME Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University Study on Particle Dispersion of Organo-modified Nanodiamond in Transparent Thin Film of Fluorinated Polymer
Chair : Hitoshi Ohnuki  
2725     B10-O27-009 Aug. 27 15:00 15:20 *G Kazutoshi IIJIMA Graduate School of Chemical Sciences and Technology, Tokyo University of Science Surface Modification of Titanium Substrates with Silane Coupling Agents for Adhesion with Polyimide Films
3490     B10-O27-010 Aug. 27 15:20 15:40 Yasuhiro MIURA Graduate School of Engineering, Toin University of Yokohama Electrochemical Characterization of Au(dmit)2 Langmuir-Blodgett Films
3087     B10-O27-011 Aug. 27 15:40 16:00 *M Nanami HONDA Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University Formation and Structure of Fine Multi-particle Layered Organo-modified Nanodiamond Fabricated by Langmuir–Blodgett Technique