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Symposium : A-3 : Materials Technology Inspired by Natural Phenomena and Natural Materials
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Aug. 2513:00 - 14:40Room A702, A-Building
3733   Invited   A3-I25-001 Aug. 25 13:00 13:25 Wen SHANG Shangha Jiao Tong University Bio-Inspired Materials for IR Imaging
3654     A3-O25-002 Aug. 25 13:25 13:40 HIroshi FUDOUZI National Institute for Materials Science Hot embossing process for convex and concave deformation of soft opal films
2733     A3-O25-003 Aug. 25 13:40 13:55 *G Chelo PASCUA Mariano Marcos State University - Batac Naturally-Inspired Fabrication of Porous Mullite Ceramics for Potable Water Production
3939     A3-O25-004 Aug. 25 13:55 14:10 Kenji TAMURA National Institute for Materials Science Uptake of cesium ion by artificially altered phlogopite
3688     A3-O25-005 Aug. 25 14:10 14:25 Kiyokazu YASUDA Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Univeristy Effect of Plasma Treatment on Resilience Properties of Natural Wrinkle Patterns
2783     A3-O25-006 Aug. 25 14:25 14:40 *G Kosuke SUZUKI National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Oscillation of Friction Force on Shape-Tunable Wrinkles
Aug. 2514:55 - 16:20Room A702, A-Building
3947   Invited   A3-I25-007 Aug. 25 14:55 15:20 M. SHIMOMURA Tohoku University Biomimetic water transportation device based on wharf roach Ligia exotica
3304     A3-O25-008 Aug. 25 15:20 15:35 *M Shuto ITO Grad.Sch.of Eng.,NITech Water and Oil Transport with Open Capillary Channels Mimicking Animal
2345     A3-O25-009 Aug. 25 15:35 15:50 *G Gary DUNDERDALE National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Green Synthesis of Stimulus-Responsive Superoleophobic Polymer Brushes, and their Applications in Oil/Water Separation and Waste-water Purification
2951     A3-O25-010 Aug. 25 15:50 16:05 Takeshi YAMAUCHI Department of Materials Science and Technology, Niigata University Designing Stimulus-responsive gel particles with bio-TRIZ
3343     A3-O25-011 Aug. 25 16:05 16:20 *M Ryohei KAWAMURA Grad. Sch. of Eng., NITech Analysis of Inner Structures of Biomimetic Thin Films “Nanosuits”
Aug. 2516:35 - 18:00Room A702, A-Building
3723   Invited   A3-I25-012 Aug. 25 16:35 17:00 Tao DENG Shanghai Jiao Tong University Thermal Materials and Engineering Inspired by Nature
2613     A3-O25-013 Aug. 25 17:00 17:15 Naoki ASAKAWA Faculty of Science and Technology, Gunma University Noise-driven Signal Transmission Device Using Molecular Dynamics of pi-Conjugated Polymers
3942     A3-O25-014 Aug. 25 17:15 17:30 Yuko SUTO Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University Development of Matching Process against Lifestyle and Technology
3941     A3-O25-015 Aug. 25 17:30 17:45 Yuko KISHIKAMI Tohoku University,Graduate School of Environmental Studies Ontological analysis of enjoyment’s structure in the Japanese past lifestyle
3936     A3-O25-016 Aug. 25 17:45 18:00 Ryuzo FURUKAWA Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku Univ. Sendai The visualization effect and fusion effect between two different lifestyles in the process of lifestyle changing product development on social acceptability