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Symposia & Program

The program has been posted in order of submission received from each symposium.

A. Technologies for the Environment and the Sound Material-Cycle Society

A-1 Oral Poster Analytical and Assessment Methods in Materials and Environmental Technologies
A-2 Oral Poster International Symposium on the Social Acceptance of Engineered Nanomaterials
A-3 Oral Poster Materials Technology Inspired by Natural Phenomena and Natural Materials
A-4 Oral Poster Advances in the Application of Biomass
A-5 Oral Poster Materials for Living - Environment・Energy・Medicine -
A-6 Oral Poster Autonomous Micro Systems for Life, Green and Safety
A-7 Orall Poster Design of Advanced Fuel Cell Materials, Devices and Systems
A-8 Oral Poster Photocatalytic Materials and Applications on Energy and Environment
A-9 Oral Poster Cutting-edge Thermoelectric Materials for Heat-to-Electricity Direct Conversion
A-10 Oral Poster Environmental Friendly Carbon Films and their Deposition Technology
A-11 Oral Poster Sustainable Mobility Materials

B. Technologies for Human-Friendly Materials

B-1 Oral Poster Biomaterials and Biomimetic Materials
B-2 Oral Poster Ceramic Materials for Biomedical Applications
B-3 Oral Poster Materials in Biomechanics and Biotribology
B-4 Oral Poster Nano-biotechnologies on Interfaces
B-5 Oral Poster Advanced Study in Science and Technology for Soft Matter
B-6 Oral Poster Advanced Liquid Crystals
B-7 Oral Poster Soft Actuators and Related Energy-Conversion Materials
B-8 Oral Poster Chemical Sensing and Sensor Devices for Chemical Space Information
B-9 Oral Poster Next-generation Organic Electronics Aiming towards Energy Harvesting
B-10 Oral Poster Molecular Thin Films
B-11 Oral Poster Energy and Green Materials
B-12 Oral Poster Functional Self-Organized Materials

C. Advanced Materials for Eco-technology

C-1 Oral Poster Magnetic Materials and Spintronics
C-2 Oral Poster Mechanical Properties of Steels
C-3 Oral Poster Nitride and Diamond Semiconductors
C-4 Oral Poster Innovation for Highly Reliable Advanced Ceramics
C-5 Oral Poster Damage and Failure Mechanics of Engineering Materials
C-6 Oral Poster Frontiers in Plasmonic Nanomaterials
C-7 Oral Poster Graphene
C-8 Oral Poster Advanced Oxide Materials – Bulks, Thin Films, and Nanostructures
C-9 Oral Poster Recent Advances in Superconductivity - Materials, Processing, and Applications
C-10 Oral Poster Advanced Ferroic Materials: Processing, Characterization and Device Application
C-11 Oral Poster Nano-Scale Functional Materials: Advanced Syntheses, Characterization, Functions, and Applications

D. Fabrication, Processing and Characterization Technologies for Advanced Materials

D-1 Oral Poster Innovative Material Technologies Utilizing Ion Beams
D-2 Oral Poster Frontier of Nano-Materials Based on Advanced Plasma Technologies
D-3 Oral Poster Synthesis, Processing and Characterization of Nanoscale Functional Materials
D-4 Oral Poster Fabrication of Thin Films
D-5 Oral Poster Control of Interfaces and Materials Processing for Nanoelectronics
D-6 Oral Poster Novel Functionalities by Cooperative Excitations
D-7 Oral Poster Functional Surface Science & Engineering
D-8 Oral Poster Three-dimensional Microfabrication and MEMS
D-9 Oral Poster Scientific Basis of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle II
D-10 Oral Poster Innovative Imaging Technologies using X-ray Scattering and Atom Probe Microscopy
D-11 Oral Poster Development of Environmentally Friendly Processes and Materials
- Including Solution Processes and Their Applications -
D-12 Oral Poster Advances in Computational Materials Science and Technology
D-13 Oral Poster Advanced Nanoparticles- Synthesis, Characterization and Applications

E. Interdisciplinary Field

E-1 Oral Poster Materials Frontier

F. Education of Materials Sciences and Technologies

F-1 Oral Poster Materials Science and Education

G. Special Symposium

G-1 Oral Poster Crystallography in Materials Science & Engineering-Memorial for IYCr2014